Crimes take place and at one point or another and you may find your friend or relative in police custody. This happens when you least expect it and can cause a lot of emotional strain. Fortunately, our Garden Grove bail bonds service is available to make things easy for you. We have handled cases at the Garden Grove Police Station Jail and we understand the frustrations that come with this situation. Once a person is arrested and taken to the Garden Grove Police Department, they are booked in. This jail is small in size, but it accommodates both men and women temporarily. To avoid congestion, inmates do not stay here for long and are subsequently transferred to the OC Main Jail.

The arrest process includes finger printing, photographs and a search on the nationwide database for convicted criminals. This does not take very much time in the Grove Garden jail and therefore, you must contact us fast in order to give us enough time to prepare for turning in a bond. Any delays can make the defendant get transferred to Orange County Jail which is in Santa Ana. This delays the process by several hours. This makes it impossible to bail them out immediately and they have to wait between 8 and 12 hours to once again get booked in but this time at the Inmate Reception Center (IRC). Our advice is that you contact us while your loved one is still physically in the Garden Grove jail facility. A fast release can save your friend or relative unnecessary time in jail.

We are a trusted name in the bail industry and our agents are all professional and licensed by the state of California. We know how to handle every case without causing more hassles than the necessary. There are many offenses that can lead to an arrest of a person. The most common ones are driving under the influence (DUI), domestic violence (DV), assault with a deadly weapon (ADW) and many others. A person may be arrested by the Orange County Sherriff’s Department or the Garden Grove PD and taken to the Garden Grove Station Jail or County Jail directly.

They are later transferred to Orange County Main Jail if they are not released on bail. People are kept in jail until they are arraigned in court for their first hearing if a bond is not in place. The person must pass through the live scan which is done with a machine linked to a national database of the Department of Justice (DOJ). This enables the police to know if they need to hold the person on bail or release them on their own recognizance (OR). The Live Scan results come from different government agencies and if the arrested individual is cleared, the bailing out procedure can begin.
It can take less than 30 minutes for the release to take place at the Garden Grove PD. The amount of time taken increases by quite a bit if the individual has to be bailed out of OCJ. We are available 24 hours and we are just a phone call away; contact us through 714-752-4022. The process of filling out the bail forms requires someone with experience and licensed and we will do it within a few minutes. The arrested person also has to provide their information to be filled in the forms and have their photo take once out.

We also advise our clients to consult with a lawyer and get legal advice once they are released on bond and to show up for every future court session. This is the only way to get your freedom back and clear your name of any wrong doing. Our bail bondsmen are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ask us any questions that you may have and learn more about the process and our services.

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